Professional Grade Equipment

Franchise level training & support at warehouse pricing

Considering a Franchise or Business Opportunity?

The training and support that come with a franchise or business opportunity are great, but why pay their high price for it?

Having been deeply involved in the vending business opportunity industry for for nearly 15 years, we know how important starting with the right number of machines, getting the proper training, having that lifetime of support, and getting the best locations is. We also know the all those points can be delivered without the high prices that the business opportunities charge.

When you work with Vend-CO, you are not locked into just “healthy vending”, or just “traditional vending”. We provide the same equipment (or better, in most cases), give you more hands on machine training, the best locations, support when you need it most, and a lifetime of technical assistance…all included!

Our New Operator Machine

The Vend-Co VC 9C 22SP Model is the perfect first machine for new operators.


Sure Vend double helix coils for guaranteed product vending


Chill Separator to keep lower shelves cooler than upper


High capacity 50 drinks per tray


Conveyer belt system for fresh food and odd shaped items


Internal anti-theft security panel


Anti tamper locking product delivery door


High grade powder coated steel cabinet


Customizable graphic


22 inch interactive touch screen


lcd user/service menu screen


Dollar bill acceptor


Backlit steel keypad


Nayax electronic payment system


Coin acceptor


Elevator product delivery system 10 IR lasers guarantee delivery

Bonus Included With Every Package

Free Training

We provide 2 full days of machine training with every package purchased. You can even attend training before you purchase any machines. We are that confident in our training and our equipment. Trainings are held in our Jacksonville, FL showroom. You will get hands-on training for not only the machine but for the online tracking and management of your machines. We want you to succeed, and we know the more knowledge you have about your equipment, the better off you’ll be.

Tech Support & Warranty

We’ve been in the vending industry for more than 20 years, and we know all machines will eventually need some attention. We help put you at ease by giving you 1 full year of parts warranty, and a LIFETIME of Technical Support. Other companies say you get a “Lifetime” warranty, but still, charge you “wholesale” cost for parts. How is that a Lifetime Warranty? How do you know what “wholesale” cost is? We don’t play these games. Our technicians will help you with every aspect by phone, skype, or facetime. We designed our machines to be user serviced in every aspect.

Free Storage

We provide free storage for your machines. Take advantage of bulk pricing now, and let us know when & where to ship your machines. There is no extra charge for shipping them one at a time or 5 at a time. Included in the price of every package, we’ll deliver right to your location, or your garage. Inside “white glove” delivery is available for an extra fee based on the specific situation…just provide us the details for an accurate “no profit for us” quote.

Custom Graphics

Not all operators have dreams of building a brand for their company, so our machines can be shipped plain black, with one of our custom graphics, or even with one of our graphics, but WITH YOUR LOGO. There is no extra charge for our custom graphic, but you can take a small discount if you prefer to have your machine plain black. If you want your custom logo on one of our graphics, it’s FREE! Just provide us the logo file, and we’ll do the rest!

Remote Monitoring

All machine packages include the Nayax International payment system. This is the most advanced and user-friendly payment system available. You can accept credit/debit cards, apple/google pay, pre-paid and loyalty cards, and there is even an app for users. Keep track of your business online and on your own user app in real time. Know what’s going on with your machines 24/7.

Our Training

Machine Training

We hold in person, hands-on training sessions for all our new machine operators. These training sessions are 2 full days of nothing but hands-on machine knowledge. The type of knowledge that really matters when you are out there running your business. If your machines aren’t running properly, you aren’t making money.

Training covers every aspect of your machines; delivery, set up, initial programming, custom configurations, troubleshooting, and more.

Online data management system training is also included. Every machine comes standard with Nayax electronic payment systems and online management. While at training, you’ll learn how to set up your initial programming, how to gather and use the data from your online system to pre-pack for servicing your machines, and how to capitalize on the many other features that come standard with Nayax payment management.

Video Library

We know you won’t remember 100% of what you learn at training, and we know you may be servicing your equipment at odd hours. We are fully prepared for that. Our extensive library of video tutorials and “how-to’s” will answer any question, or solve any situation you may come across.

Hands on videos for every aspect of operating your machine, whether it’s your first or fiftieth. How to handle initial set up, how to program your product maps, how to add your own videos to the touch screens, how to customize the coil and conveyer belt configurations, and most importantly, how to retrieve the money from your profit center!

Other important videos cover the setup and day to day use of the Nayax DCS online system. Our webinar style videos will walk you through every step of the process. You’ll learn how to add your new machines, how to add new products, create product maps, how to create pick (product order) lists, and how to create the reports you need for properly managing your business.

Technical Support

A lifetime of technical support is included with all packages. We know you will have questions that need immediate answers, and we’re here for you. Our technical support team members are experts on all of our machines. As your business expands, you’ll find you may need a machine with different features. No worries, for as long as you are in business, we are here to help you.

You can reach our support team in a number of ways. Our direct phone line is available 9 AM to 5 PM EST Monday through Friday. You can also submit a support request ticket 24 hours a day through your Vend-CO account login. Our support staff is very diligent about responding within 24 hours. If your question is urgent, you can mark your support request as such, and we’ll do our best to respond even quicker.

You’ll never feel left alone when it comes to technical support. We are always here for you!

New Operator Packages

Don’t pay the high prices offered by the Business Opportunity companies. Our packages include the best equipment available, great warranties, custom branding, free machine storage, free delivery, free training, and a lifetime of technical support.

Silver Package

Everything you need to get started on your way to a successful vending business:

Gold Package

Everything you need to get started on your way to a successful vending business:

Platinum Package

Everything you need to get started on your way to a successful vending business:

GET A $500 Travel Credit

Schedule and successfully attend one of our training sessions, and we’ll give you $500 travel credit toward your package price. Just order a minimum of 3 machines, and get your $500 credit!

Request a Start Up Consultation to for guidance on what package is best for you, and what finance options are available.

Specials and Deals

Share your contact information, and we’ll update you when we have special offers…no constant spamming, we promise!