Hands On Machine & Business Training

Our machine training program is second to none. We give you one full day of classroom instruction, and one full day of hands on with the machines.

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Having been deeply involved in the vending business opportunity industry for for nearly 15 years, we know how important starting with the right number of machines, getting the proper training, having that lifetime of support, and getting the best locations is.

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We don't provide paid hotel for you, but we do have negotiated rates at a local hotel. All training takes place in our Jacksonville showroom, and we have lunch catered in for you on both days. You're welcome to come to FL early, or stay after to enjoy all that North Florida has to offer. We are minutes from the beach and a couple hours drive from the heart of top tourist attractions.

Disney World
Epcot Center
Disney Water Parks
Universal Studios
St. Augustine
Amelia Island

Machine Training

All our machines, whether with a touch screen, or without, generally follow the same set up and operating procedures. Some of the things you'll learn in machine training:

Initial Set Up
Custom Configurations
Price Setting
Par Settings
Coin Fill & Programming
Weekly Service Procedures
Coil Adjustment
Motor Replacement
Maintenance Procedures

Nayax Remote Monitoring

Full training on the Nayax DCS online monitoring and maintenance system is part of every training. Very few operators are opting for cash only, so this is an important part of our training regimen.

Initial Account Setup (If you've already ordered your machines prior to training, much of this step is done for you)
Machine Set Up within the DCS system
Product Categories, and How to Create Them
Product Options (We will supply you with a starting standard product list of snacks, drinks, and candy)
Product Maps, and How to Add Them to Your Machines
Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reports, and How to Read Them
Loyalty Cards, and How to Profit From Them
Monyx App for Your Customers

Product Sourcing

When you first start your own business, even little things like shopping can seem daunting. We help you with:

What Products to Start With
Where to Purchase Product
What Products to Avoid
What Are the Best Sellers
Common Mistakes People Make

Touch Screen System

If your equipment includes a touch screen, there is a lot you can do with it. We'll teach you:

Initial Screen Set Up
How to Add Product Pictures and Descriptions
How to Set Pricing and Product Details
How to Program Options and Features
How to Set Up Advertising Videos

Specials and Deals

Share your contact information, and we’ll update you when we have special offers…no constant spamming, we promise!