Vend-Co VC 9C 22SP Hybrid Touch Screen Elevator Delivery Combo (snack, drink, or combo) ADA Compliant

Vend-Co Hybrid machines can be set up to function as all snack, all drink, or combo machines. Standard order configuration is for Combo use or all snack. Please contact us for details on how to set up for all drinks.

Touch screen units have the immediate ability for operators to upload and display their own promotional video, or sell that video space to location or other advertising buyer.

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Our flagship model, the VC 9C 22SP incorporates all the high tech features a location could ask for. With a large interactive touch screen suitable for advertising, that also functions for product detail and ordering, it is sure to catch the attention of employees and customers.

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Elevator Delivery

Our exclusive Safe Product Delivery System utilizes a completely programmable elevator system to safely deliver product from all shelves to the retrieval box. This allows you to place any product on any shelf, without having to worry about breakage from dropping.

Guranteed Vend

All our machines include our Guaranteed Vend System. This is a series of lasers that detect whether a product has been delivered or not. If product does get stuck and not deliver, the coils or conveyer belt will run a second or third time to release product. If product is still not delivered, customer will have the option to cancel transaction or select a different product. No one ever loses money in our machines.

Industrial Wheels

Industrial heavy duty rubber wheels allow easy movement of machine for placement, removal, and servicing. Once machine is in place, simply dial down the rubber feet, to stop any unwanted movement.

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